The Thing That Ate the Outback
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 49a
Directed By: Keith Baxter
Written By: Chris Otsuki
Art Vitello
Released: October 30, 1993
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Next: Because It's There

The Thing That Ate the Outback is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Keith Baxter.  It first aired 30 Oct 1993.


While reading his The Thing That Ate the Outback comic book, Taz sees an advertisement for a chemistry set. He orders it and begins to experiment. The test tube shatters and a glob of chemicals falls to the floor and comes to life. He feeds it a grape, then another, and another, then more food. When it has eaten all the food in the house it starts eating trees outside. Taz tries to stop it by dropping a boulder on it, but it eats that and starts chasing Taz. He explodes it with dynamite, but all the little droplets then chase him. He tricks them into jumping off a cliff into a lake, where they recombine into a humongous blob. Taz runs back to his house, retrieves the chemistry set, and tosses it down the blob's throat. The resulting reaction completely dissipates the blob, leaving the chemistry set lying on the ground. Since he's not completely satisfied, Taz returns the set for a complete refund.


Porky Piggy Bank


  • Taz's piggy bank is shaped like Porky Pig's head.

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