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There Goes the Neighborhood Title

Title screen

There Goes the Neighborhood is the first The Looney Tunes Show game from the Cartoon Network website.


Choose to play as Bugs or Daffy while you search through Granny's attic, Witch Lezah's house, and Yosemite Sam's house to collect a popcorn maker, a DVD player, and a flat-screen TV for Bugs and Daffy's movie night. On your way, you will retrieve soda, popcorn, and carrots for your health and energy. You can always find help from Tweety for tips to escape Sylvester, Gossamer, and Sam's traps in their respective homes.

Each level also has several collectible cards which can be viewed at Bugs and Daffy's house after all three levels are completed.

Granny's House

Bugs and Daffy venture into Granny's attic to retrieve the popcorn maker. The boss is Sylvester.

Witch Lezah's House

Bugs and Daffy go to retrieve the DVD player. The boss is Gossamer.

Yosemite Sam's House

In the third and final level, Bugs and Daffy return to their house only to find their big-screen TV has been stolen. They head to Yosemite Sam's house to retrieve it. The final boss is none other than Yosemite Sam.


There Goes the Neighborhood was released with five badges the player can collect in the game for doing specific tasks.

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