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    PDF that proves "Fin 'N Catty" had its copyright renewed. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, do not readd the category "Public domain cartoons" to the article. Consider this a warning.

    Warning! You may be anvil dropped (or banned) the next time you violate our Terms again.

    Hi, welcome to the Looney Tunes Wiki. We really appreciate that you have joined the wiki. However, your recent contributions violate one or more of our Terms. The Acme Staff members have the rights to give warnings to users who are breaking the rules. Please read our Terms and follow them to avoid further warnings and anvil drops next time. Anvil drops may be able to exclude users from adopting wikis.

    Thanks for understanding and enjoy your time editing on the wiki!

    Also, I would really appreciate it if you could reply to my messages. Our Communication policy states that if an Acme Staff member (like myself) questions your edits, you must take said points into consideration, or at least reply to the conversation.

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