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    You have been temporarily anvil dropped or banned from editing for 3 days due to failure to comply with Manual of Style; specifically, using "trivia" when community agreed on "notes". Please use this time to review our terms. You have been warned to change your behavior, but you ignored anyway. If you believe this ban is unfair or that there has been a mistake, you may explain yourself by using the {{Unblock}} template on your wall. If your message wall access is removed, please message the blocking Acme Head at their Community Central page.

    (see: block logcontributionspage moves)

    Since your contributions are good, I'm only blocking you for 3 days. I usually do 2 weeks. You put Trivia instead of Notes again. If you want to keep editing, please change this habit.

    Note: this message was edited by Krazy Rabbit (talk|edits) 07:25, November 30, 2017 (UTC) to fix incorrect grammar in the block reason.

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    • Not to dogpile, but we have asked you to change your behavior in the past and you have not responded to us. We consider this disrespectful and are harsher on users who fail to reply. Please review the Communications Policy and try to reply to us, or at least take our warnings into further consideration, in the future.


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