• Do you have proof that it is Inki and the Lion and not Farm Frolics?

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    • Yes, because the production code used is 1183. Farm Frolics' production code is 1178
      Inki and the lion prod. code

      Inki and the Lion production code: 1183

      . And the Cartoon Festivals' altered a.a.p. opening has the production code of 1183, if you look closely.

      Farm frolics prod. code

      Farm Frolics production code: 1178

      Look at the two images here and you'll get what I mean (notice the splitting resemblance between the Blue Ribbon titles of Inki and the Lion and the Cartoon Festivals' Blue Ribbon titles used in their 
      Cartoon festivals conmparison

      Left: Inki and the Lion/ Right: Cartoon Festivals altered opening

      altered a.a.p. opening titles):
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    • And here's a clearer view on both their 1183 production codes:

      Cartoon festivals conmparison - Copy

      Left: Inki and the Lion/ Right: Cartoon Festivals VHS altered opening

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