• Categories such as "Heroes" and "Antiheroes" are not allowed on this wiki. Per Looney Tunes Wiki:Categories:

    • Categories for character roles (i.e, "Heroes," "Villains," "Major characters," "Minor characters," "Protagonists," "Antagonists") are not allowed. Looney Tunes isn't a series with deep lore, and character roles change from cartoon to cartoon. Continuity does not exist, except in certain series, and even then it's confined to that series and that series only. Even then, some characters may have gray morality and cannot be defined as strictly a hero or a villain. To provide an example of a character who is a hero and a villain, Bugs Bunny has been portrayed in heroic roles and villainous ones ("Buckaroo Bugs"). If a character is portrayed as a villain, then write in the article how and why they are a villain. Saying that a character is a "hero" or a "villain" says nothing about who they are.

    Since you are new to this wiki, this isn't a warning, but a reminder. Please read the Looney Tunes Wiki:Terms of our wiki to avoid further consequences.


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