• Hi! I checked the Toonzone forums. May I ask per say why Toonzone banned you?


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    • It all started because Manuel Lobato Pozo keeps pestering EVERY ONE of us for rare Looney Tunes stuff since he joined Toonzone in February last year.

      Sure, both you (Orange Mo) and I do have at least ask the others for rare Looney Tunes stuff we want (especially 1995 dubbed versions of pre-1948 Looney Tunes shorts we want), but when they can't find it we do known when to stop asking them until it can be found. But however Manuel Lobato Pozo, unlike both of us, is EXTREMELY OBSESSIVE, he doesn't even know when to stop pestering us as he keeps doing it to us every time like some bratty little toddler.

      Manuel Lobato Pozo's non-stop pestering has been infuriating every one of us (including me) on Toonzone, and it has been causing a lot of people to leave the Toonzone threads, including you, MTGM (a.k.a. Marcus Koffie) and DVDLooney (a.k.a. CartoonNostalgia). And when the very-knowledgeable Cool_Cat quit the thread sometime in November 2017, that proved to be the final straw: we lost that one person who has the most knowledge on Looney Tunes stuff and Manuel has been ruining the pleasure of the Looney Tunes differences thread, and so I angrily snapped: I then threatened Manuel Lobato Pozo that if he doesn't stop pestering us for just one more time, I'll continuously abuse him verbally so bad via shoving loads of cursing and swearing right onto his face on a separate private conversation to the point that he'll want to commit suicide because he cannot handle my torture anymore, just so that Manuel will stop pestering us on Toonzone anymore (Bear in mind that I am actually in fact a much nicer person in real life and I DO NOT like torturing people. Actually I hated to drive someone to suicide, but I had noc hoice but to do that to Manuel Lobato Pozo so that he'll won't bother us anymore). But does that help solve our problem on Toonzone? NO, IT DOESN'T HELP SOLVE OUR PROBLEM. AT ALL. Instead, what I did (which was threatening to drive Manuel Lobato Pozo to suicide) got the thread permanently locked from new replies, I got banned from Toonzone, and could risk getting reported to the authorities, while Manuel gets away with everything. Before I got banned, I apologized to everyone on Toonzone for causing the whole mess on a separate private message, which I was forgiven for (NewBogus (a.k.a. bodek610) also pointed out that the staff at Toonzone were unfair as they weren't seeing this case from our point of view).

      Few months after I got banned, fortunately Manuel Lobato Pozo also got banned from Toonzone due to complaints from oher users about his non-stop pestering.

      Recently I thought of rejoining Toonzone using a new identity known as CartoonFan95 (and now having learned my lesson to NEVER ever threaten anyone on Toonzone, even if the person is pesky like Manuel Lobato Pozo), but only to get kicked out again because Toonzone saw that CartoonFan95 its the exact same person who threatened Manuel Lobato Pozo trying to sneak back into Toonzone despite having been banned in mid-November 2017.

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    • You don’t live in the US so the authorities would be useless. I encourage you to create an InternetAnimationDatabase account. How long is a ban? Can you still read the stuff?

      You are always welcome here by all means.

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    • Toonzone will not allow me to re-access my accounts A-Cecil and CartoonFan95 forever unfortunately, but I can only read the stuff on Toonzone once I log out of these accounts and just view only as a guest. 

      One day I'll open an InternetAnimationDatabase account.

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    • Semi-OT...Ayapzl tried to drive someone to suicide? I understand that the person was annoying (and I agree; they should have stopped long ago), but suicide baiting is something I can't, in good conscience, condone.

      I don't feel comfortable allowing him on the IAD at this rate. Sorry.

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    • Krazy Rabbit bear in mind that actually I hated suicide baiting and doing such cruelty is usually not my thing. And I am not such a cruel person who enjoys torturing others, I am actually a much nicer person in real life. After getting banned from Toonzone I couldn't forgive myself for doing such a heinous deed to someone I really hated. Since then I then learned my lesson to never ever engage in such cruelty to others on these websites anymore. Trust me, Krazy Rabbit, suicide baiting won't ever happen from me. It will never happen again.

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