• Hi,

    Do you have US 1995 print of Goofy Groceries, 1941 directed by Bob Clampett (that Turner print has a blackface final gag edit, unlike the EU print, which has this scene left intact).

    Since, is closed down, I couldn't find any of the NTSC prints of pre-1948 shorts with 1995 Dubbed notice. Can you reupload them to MEGA and share the link?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • I got it from a Boomerang USA recording in June this year. I'll share it to you as soon as I find it.

      Earlier in February I shared with you on my MEGA account USA dubbed version prints of "Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid", "Boulvardier From The Bronx", "Fair and Worm-Er"  and "Daffy Duck In Hollywood" (the latter having better picture quality than the CN USA TVrip found on the internet) from Boomerang USA. In this link you could also find some EU 1995 Turner prints, as well as USA 1995 Turner prints (mostly) not used on the Latin American Turner networks.

      They can be found here:

      Also Cool_Cat had shared with me some EU Turner prints of pre-1948 shorts recorded from Italia 1 and Boomerang Italy in HQ and 576p resolution. If you want these, try asking Cool_Cat to share them with you.

      Since the start of the year I have been sharing with you USA dubbed version prints of pre-1948 shorts from CN/Boomerang LA and Tooncast on my MEGA account (I got them from before it closed down). Check it out here:

      Here's how to login into my MEGA account with ease:


      Password: spongebob99


      Though has closed down, a selection of CN LA TVrips have been saved here (heck you even shared with me this link as early as August 2016 back when I was still on Toonzone);

      In addition to Turner prints of pre-1948 shorts, here are some additional Looney Tunes stuff I'm sharing to you if you're interested:

      1. A.A.P. Prints from CN LA (MEGA):

      2. Post-1948 shorts from CN LA, including 1997/1998 WB dubbed versions in NTSC and HQ (MEGA):

      3. 1997/1998 Dubbed Versions of post-1948 shorts (Google Drive):

      4. 2X2 TVrips (Google Drive):

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    • The USA dubbed version of "Goofy Groceries" (1941) can be found here:

      This Boomerang USA TVrip of the USA dubbed version of "Goofy Groceries" (1941) was originally taken from this Boomerang Christmas Party Marathon recorded from December 2006, here:

      This link above also contained a.a.p. prints of "Busy Bakers" (1940), "Little Blabbermouse" (1940) and "Holiday Highlights" (1940), as well as USA 1995 dubbed versions of "Holiday For Shoestrings" (1946) and "Life With Feathers" (1945), which unlike CN LA and Tooncast which were aired uncut CN/Boomerang USA's versions of these two cartoons' dubbed versions are censored.

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    • Thanks.

      For Goofy Groceries, 1941 I found EU print (thanks to Cool Cat) recorded from Cartoon Network Spain which is uncut and uncensored and it has altered ending music cue.

      BTW: Thanks for the links of CN LA LT shorts, I found among them the NTSC print of this short.

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    • - The US 1995 print of Have You Got Any Castles? was found, and for odd reason it has its original ending music cue intact.

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    • Thta's odd - it seems that the restored version of Have You Got Any Castles? is a pretty mesed-up story; they restored the Alexander Woolcot scenes that were cut from it's 1946 reissue, but still keep the Blue Ribbon reissue titles and sourced the altered ending track from the EU 1995 print.

      Also, the USA print has red borders in the opening titles, unlike the EU print which had no borders, and the EU print on the other hand has altered 1941-1955 MM ending music cue.

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    • Bodek610 

      If you're interested, I got some a.a.p. prints of pre-1948 Looney Tunes shorts, taken from old TV captures. These are all the a.a.p. prints of pre-1948 Looney Tunes shorts that are placed in a separate folder from the Cartoon Network/Boomerang Latin America and Tooncast TVrips; in this one they are all recorded from CN/Boomerang USA, as well as various TV recordings from Europe from the early-to-mid 1990s (including non-American Cartoon Network stations from PAL regions), and one capture from Boomerang Italy in the mid/late-2000s.

      To enter my MEGA account with ease, here's how to do it;


      Password: spongebob99

      With both my MEGA and Google Drive accounts getting full of storage, as well as my refusal to pay some more money to increase storage in both my MEGA and Google Drive accounts, I'd still want to continue sharing Looney Tunes/MGM cartoons stuff with you in return for all the stuff you generously shared with me for years. Once my MEGA  and Google Drive accounts are full, I'll be sharing with you the videos via e-mail instead. Bodek610 what is your email address, so that I could use it to continue sharing stuff with you once my MEGA  and Google Drive accounts are full?

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    •!VD5ixKxa!XM5-zYRc5QmubtYujM4P4A - If you are interested, here you can find some rare EU 1995 prints of LT shorts such as Confederate Honey (censored), House Hunting Mice, Hollywood Canine Canteen, etc. These prints I got thanks to the @Cool_Cat from Toonzone, and sometimes I used them to make comparisons of 1995 EU/US prints.

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    • Pls share passwords in private next time.

      Also, did you ever find a Turner 1995 print of "The Major Lied til Dawn"?

      I think we should make a thread dedicated to sharing this kind of stuff.

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    • Your Kit for Cat "THIS VERSION" was deleted by dailymotion. Do you plan to readd it?

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    • Bodek610 wrote:!VD5ixKxa!XM5-zYRc5QmubtYujM4P4A - If you are interested, here you can find some rare EU 1995 prints of LT shorts such as Confederate Honey (censored), House Hunting Mice, Hollywood Canine Canteen, etc. These prints I got thanks to the @Cool_Cat from Toonzone, and sometimes I used them to make comparisons of 1995 EU/US prints.

      Bodek610 in this link despite that @Cool_Cat from Toonzone mentioned to me that CN Spain airs literally anything, even a couple Inki shorts, I noticed several pre-1948 shorts missing from the list (among EU Turner 1995 prints which I have NEVER seen before), e.g. "Crazy Cruise" (1942), "Foney Fables" (1942), "Wacky Wildlife" (1940), "The Wacky Worm" (1941), "Land Of The Midnight Fun" (1939), "Wagon Heels" (1945), and all the Daffy Duck cartoons such as "Book Revue" (1946) and "Draftee Daffy" (1945), amongst others.

      Several goofs I noticed in these CN Spain TVrips of the pre-1948 shorts;

      1. A handful of pre-1948 shorts were errorneously shown on CN Spain as USA Turner 1995 prints instead of their correct EU Turner 1995 prints, as these are all because of the confusions between the Latin Spanish and Castellan Spanish dubbings. And the only known affected shorts are the ones directed by Tex Avery, such as "I Love To Singa" (1936), "Egghead Rides Again" (1937), "Tortoise Beats Hare" (1941), amongst others. Oddly enough, "Hamateur Night" (1939), a Tex Avery short, was shown as it's correct EU Turner 1995 print on CN Spain.

      2. Only three pre-1948 shorts were shown as old a.a.p. prints (1980s MGM prints to be exact) instead of Turner prints; "A Wild Hare" (1940), "Hare Tonic" (1945), and "Haredevil Hare" (1948). "A Wild Hare" uses the 1988 Bugs Bunny Superstar VHS print which CN/Boomerang France and Italy and Italia 1 also uses, while "Hare Tonic" uses the 1988 Cartoon Moviestars VHS/Laserdisc print, while "Haredevil Hare" uses the rare 1986 Cartoon Festivals VHS print which is only seen on international-release versions of the Cartoon Festivals VHS tapes, with its opening rings intact.

      3. A large handful of these CN Spain and Canal + Spain TV captures of pre-1948 shorts I notice have altered fade-outs at the start and end of each cartoon for unknown reasons, where it fades in from black to the WB shield few seconds late in the opening titles, and at the dubbed closing cards it fades out to black few seconds too early in the closing titles. Some of these altered fade-outs even omit the zooming-in of the WB shield, such as the case with "Hollywood Canine Canteen". These altered fade-outs however have been fixed in later airings of these shorts on Boomerang Spain and Boing Spain later on in the mid/late-2000s.

      4. Turns out that there is not one, but two EU Turner 1995 prints of "Snowtime For Comedy" (1941) that exists; although both EU Turner prints of "Snowtime For Comedy" have blue borders in the opening titles (in contrast to it's USA Turner print which had red borders in the opening titles), one print has the original ending card (with blue borders like in the opening titles), and the other print has the 1947-1948 MM dubbed ending card, similar to the one it's USA print uses. CN Spain airs the second EU print with the altered ending card rather than the first EU print which keeps it's original ending card.

      5. According to the new Latin Spanish dub of "The Heckling Hare" which is heard on the USA Turner 1995 print of this cartoon as seen on CN Spain, Willoughby's final line "Yeah!" is kept intact, implying that this cartoon's USA Turner 1995 print does exist uncut and uncensored (albeit still having the altered 1938-1941 Merrie Melodies ending music cue), despite this cartoon's USA Turner 1995 print aired censored to remove Willoughby's final line "Yeah!" on Turner networks in both North America and South America.

      That link above also reveals that Cool_Cat shared with you three parts of this CN/Boomerang/Canal + Spain TVrips of Looney Tunes shorts. That link is part 1, I wonder where is parts 2 and 3?

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    • 4) Geez. I haven't checked this short properly while I was doing my comparison episode.

      The Part 2 link will be added soon, however, I have no Part 3.

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    •!Z6JhkaLC!lbqe_C6OhexqpcAXu6xC6g - As I promised, the link for Part 2. No Part 3 at this moment.

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    • One thing I've found on LTGC Vol. 5 special features:

      Like Sniffles Takes a Trip, 1940, The Bashful Buzzard, 1945 storyboard reel uses an unreleased stereo mix of 1995 m/e audiotrack (used mostly for the redubs).

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