Dizzy's Candy Quest Cover

Box Art

Tiny Toon Adventures: Dizzy's Candy Quest was the second Tiny Toon Adventures-related game released on the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It was developed by Lost Boys Games and published in October 2001 by Crave Entertainment.


Montana Max has built a robot to steal all of the candy in the world for Elmyra Duff. However, the robot wasn't programmed all that well, so they've also cloned Hamton J. Pig, Sweetie Bird, and Gogo Dodo as well as others to retrieve the robot for reprogramming. But one obstacle stands in their way: Dizzy Devil.

Dizzy Devil ends up saving the robot and the two team up to find candy and stop Montana Max, facing all of the clones on the way.


The game features 25 levels and 5 boss levels. There is also a password feature to allow access to all levels. In each level Dizzy will have a number of candy items to collect before the timer runs out. The objectives are given by the robot. To get the candies, Dizzy has to avoid tricks and traps (and later the clones) and not fall off the edge of the level. His spinning ability can be used to speed across various floors with ease. In a boss level Dizzy will need to do specific actions to defeat the robotic boss.

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