Wacky Sports Challenge Game Boy Cover

Game Boy Box Art

Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports (Tiny Toon Adventures 3: Doki Doki Sports Festival in Japan), released in 1994 on the Nintendo Game Boy and developed and published by Konami, was the third Tiny Toon Adventures-related game for the system.


You choose to play as either Buster Bunny or Babs Bunny and participate in your choice of sports activities, including baseball, soccer, or tennis. As Buster, you can also play carnival games set up by characters such as Shirley the Loon and Fifi La Fume. Carnival games include a watergun gallery and a beat-the-clock challenge featuring Elmyra Duff.


If the Konami Code is used at the title screen, a level select feature becomes available.

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