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To Itch His Own is a 1958 Merrie Melodies short directed by Chuck Jones.


Mighty Angelo is billed as "The World's Strongest Flea" by the urban circus at which he performs. Angelo decides to take a vacation on some quiet, country dog and hops into the fur of a shaggy pooch sleeping on a suburban estate.

When a belligerent bulldog disturbs the pooch's and Angelo's sleep, Angelo decides to fight the bulldog. The bulldog is befuddled by the unseen powerhouse that drops bricks on his head, pulls him through a knothole in a fence, and whacks him on his head and backside with a mallet. As soon as the local dogcatcher's truck passes by, the greedy bulldog decided to lure the dogcatcher to take him away. In retaliation, Angelo takes a piece of plank, beats the dogcatcher in the rear and frames the bulldog, hence resulting the angered dogcatcher to take the bulldog away.

Having gotten the bulldog out of the way, Angelo finally settles in inside the pooch, relaxing on a hammock while watching "Glassie" (a parody of the 1954 TV show Lassie) on TV.

Shown on


  • (2021) Blu-ray
    Looney Tunes: Missing in Action



  • This is the debut of the character Mighty Angelo. However, he wouldn't make another appearance until New Looney Tunes.
  • This is the final short to be produced by Eddie Selzer; he'd eventually retire and John W. Burton takes his place as the main producer until 1961.
  • This was the final short Carl W. Stalling worked on. He retired this year and died twelve years after this short was released.
  • Butcher the Bulldog, who previously appeared in "Mouse-Warming", returns in this short. Unlike his previous appearance, Butcher gets what's coming to him for being sadistic and cruel towards his victims (Claude Cat and an unnamed sweet dog from his recent short).


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