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Tooncast is a Latin American digital cable and satellite channel owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Turner Broadcasting System.

Launched on December 1, 2008, it airs 24-hours of classic animation, both from Hanna-Barbera, Turner Entertainment and Cartoon Network, similar to Boomerang. It features no interruptions for advertising or programming promotions - when one show ends, the next one starts immediately.

All of Tooncast's programming are available with three language options: English, Brazilian Portuguese and Latin Spanish.

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  • Tooncast is also occasionally known to reuse some old Cartoon Network Powerhouse-era bumpers and commercials from the late-1990s and early-2000s, with the name Tooncast replacing the Cartoon Network name. Examples include Tooncast Shorties.T he channel once played Powerhouse from Cartoon Network.
  • The transfers of classic Looney Tunes shorts aired on Tooncast (applies to both pre-1948 and post-1948 shorts) are the same as for the Latin American CN/Boomerang feeds. Like the Latin American CN/Boomerang feeds, even as recently as 2008 (the year of the network's launch), some a.a.p. prints of pre-1948 shorts which the other CN/Boomerang feeds worldwide had retired since the late-1990s still continue to be shown on Tooncast, and sometimes the a.a.p. and Turner prints of the same pre-1948 short are shown alternately in each airing due to the old dub/new dub differences for Brazilian Portuguese and Latin Spanish dubs (though the English track still remains (mostly) the same on both transfers).



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