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Tooned Out is an upcoming American live-action/animated comedy web television series set to premiere on HBO Max.[1]


During a rough patch in his life, Mac starts to see iconic cartoon characters ranging from Looney Tunes to Droopy Dog.



  • Peter Browngardt teased Tooned Out during the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con, more specifically, Bugs Bunny's role in the series.[2]
    • They have tried their best to not only honor Bugs but go back in time to where Bugs was before the Jones' Bugs. This version of Bugs resembles that of the early 1940s Bugs. The character is still dynamic and has flaws but a little bit more surreal. They decided to give him yellow gloves. They did this partly to honor the early appearances and to be their trademark for the new version. This version of Bugs also has two or three whiskers.
    • Bugs, like the other characters, uses more modernized language, such as "fake news", "boxed carrot water", and "organic".