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Toro the Bull is a character created by Chuck Jones in the Looney Tunes series of shorts.



He made his debut appearance in the short "Bully for Bugs". He makes short work of the regular matadors, then a burrowing Bugs Bunny surfaces in the bullring. They battle back and forth but Bugs ultimately wins the war.

He would later make two appearances, both of which in stock footage from "Bully for Bugs"; first in "Hare-abian Nights" as Bugs tells caliph Yosemite Sam his encounter, and again in the opening scene of "Mexican Cat Dance", again quickly dispatching the matador.


Toro the Bull appears at the beginning of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, auditioning with other cartoon cows at the Maroon Cartoon Studios for a part in a cartoon.

Toro also appears in the films Space Jam (where Daffy Duck paints Monstar Pound's butt red, causing the bull to charge at it) and Looney Tunes Back in Action.

Video Games[]

Toro has also appeared in several Looney Tunes games, such as Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage, where he is tricked by Bugs and runs into steel grinders, Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble, in the level "Bully for Bugs" (which itself is based on the cartoon of the same name), and Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, in the La Corrida boss level. He also appears in Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal as the boss of the level "Bully for Porky" along with Hyde Porky, in Looney Tunes: Back in Action: The Video Game where he is rampaging in the Louvre, and in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem as Lunar Toro, a Chinese lunar new year variant, El Espectro, a wrestler toon variant, and his original variant.

TV Series[]

Toro even appeared in the Baby Looney Tunes episode "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-It!" where he saw Sylvester with a female cow and starts to chase him until Lola comes to the rescue by jumping on his back.

Toro appeared in the Looney Tunes Laff Riot test pilot before it was replaced by The Looney Tunes Show. It would have been his first appearance in a TV series.[1] He also would have been Yosemite Sam's henchman.

Toro's first actual TV appearance was in The Looney Tunes Show Merrie Melodie "Stick to My Guns".

Toro appears in the Bugs Bunny Builders episode "Speedy" as a member of Speedy Gonzales' soccer team



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