Trip for Tat
Directed By: Friz Freleng
Produced By: John W. Burton (uncredited)
Released: October 29, 1960
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Michael Maltese
Animation: Gerry Chiniquy
Virgil Ross
Tom Ray
Layouts: Hawley Pratt
Backgrounds: Tom O'Loughlin
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
June Foray (uncredited)
Music: Milt Franklyn
Starring: Sylvester
Preceded By: Hopalong Casualty
Succeeded By: Dog Gone People

Trip for Tat is a 1960 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


Granny and Tweety travel to various locations (Paris, Swiss Alps, Japan, and Italy) while Sylvester tries to eat Tweety in every one. The cartoon is mostly made up of footage from:

  • "Tweety's S.O.S." (1951): The entire boat sequence.
  • "Tree Cornered Tweety" (1956): The sequence where Sylvester tries to catch Tweety on skis, as well as the bridge scene (with the American fisherman changed to a stereotypical Japanese fisherman).
  • "Tweet Tweet Tweety" (1951): The sequence where Sylvester swings towards Tweety on a balcony while barely avoiding a construction pillar.
  • "A Pizza Tweety-Pie" (1958): The final sequence where Sylvester eats spaghetti in the restaurant.

The only new animation in the short is at the beginning when the world tour is described to Granny, the finger painting sequence, when Sylvester is first in the Alps and Japan, and Tweety looking up at Sylvester cutting through the floorboards.


Laserdisc- Longitude and Looneytude


  • The ending scene of this cartoon would be used in the Thanksgiving special, Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet, but would edit the dialogue where instead of swearing off birds from his menu, Sylvester would state that he take fish off his list.
  • This is the only cartoon where Sylvester and Tweety both win in the end, even though Sylvester fails to catch Tweety.


  • Although the cartoon aired uncut on Cartoon Network and Boomerang, the post-1994 ABC version of this cartoon cuts out two scenes featuring ethnic stereotyping:
    • The scene of Sylvester sawing a hole in the bridge in Japan faded out just as Sylvester falls through the bridge. The part cut was a scene where Sylvester crashes into a Japanese fisherman's boat and sinks it.
    • The end where Sylvester tells the audience in a fake Italian accent that "Pussycats should eat-a da spaghetta. It-a make-a you nice and fat," and slurps down a bowlful of spaghetti is cut with a fake iris-out after Sylvester declares that "birds are off his list."[1]


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