Twick or Tweety is a Webtoons cartoon. It premiered in October 2002.


Sylvester finally eats Tweety on Halloween night after Witch Hazel leaves to get some ingredients for her stew. Feeling sick with a stomachache, he goes upstairs to sleep in a nearby bed. He then has three terrifying nightmares involving Tweety.

The first one is about getting up to hear what is making annoying sounds, only to be shocked by a haunting familiar sound, Tweety zombies, who come towards the house to devour him. Sylvester attempts to save himself by blocking the doors with wood. After trying very hard to bang the doors and windows to get in, there was silence, and then a doorbell. Sylvester idiotically answers it, only to find nobody outside, but when he closes the door and looks behind him, he sees a wave of Tweety zombies who devour him offscreen.

Sylvester is awoken and goes back to sleep. The second nightmare is about Sylvester being awoken by something flapping in the room. He then finds Tweety as a vampire who drinks his blood after hypnotizing him.

Sylvester wakes up again and falls asleep for the last time. He then wakes up in a mummy's tomb where he sees Tweety as a mummy. He then laughs at the size of Tweety and thinks that a mummy that small couldn't harm him and attempts to approach Tweety mummy. Tweety mummy is stronger than he appears, and wraps Sylvester in bandages and throws him into a coffin to death.

Sylvester is awoken by Witch Hazel and is given some sort of medicine which transforms him into a canary so that she could use him for her ingredients.


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8 Twick Or Tweety

8 Twick Or Tweety


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