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Two Guys from Texas is a 1948 musical comedy film starring Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, and Dorothy Malone. The movie was directed by David Butler, written by Allen Boretz and I.A.L. Diamond, produced by Alex Gottlieb, and released 4 September 1948 by Warner Bros. Pictures. This was a follow-up to Two Guys from Milwaukee, also starring Morgan and Carson, which in turn was an attempt to capture some of the appeal of the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road pictures.

The film is perhaps best remembered today for featuring an animated cameo appearance of cartoon character Bugs Bunny, voiced by Mel Blanc. Friz Freleng, Warner's leading animation director, was assigned to direct the special animated dream sequence, in which Bugs gives some advice to a caricatured Jack Carson.

While Bugs Bunny was not the star of the film, his appearance stands out as a landmark in his long career. Bugs would later have a similar cameo in 1949's My Dream Is Yours, which also starred Jack Carson.

Dream Sequence

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In the animated dream, Carl is a sheep herder who is playing a handcrafted flute to all the ewes, when suddenly Steve appears behind a tree, where he had placed a wolf mask, which turns him into a toon wolf, and whistles to all the ewes. They all run towards him as Carl begs them to stay.

After that, Bugs appears and asks Carl what's the problem. Carl explains that each time he gathers a bunch of sheep, Steve, whom he calls "The Wolf", takes them away from him. Bugs tells him to come close to him and whisper the idea, in which Carl thanks him but not before Bugs calls him a chump.

Meanwhile Steve is singing "Every Day I Love You Just a Little Bit More" to all ewes who suddenly turned into anthropomorphic sheep with BobbySoxer Shoes, hearts in eyes, and calling his name in a swoon voice.

Just then Carl appears wearing a different wolf outfit and called out to all the ewes as he sings the same some but out of key. This angry the ewes as they took off their shoes and began throwing them at Carl, suddenly a large native american women appears and chased Carl as he ran from her.



The Bugs Bunny dream sequence from "Two Guys From Texas" (1948)

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