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aka Emily, Poppy, or Lulu

  • I live in the West Coast of the US
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is what occupation?
  • I am a swirling miasma of scintillating thoughts and turgid ideas (she/her)
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Krazy Rabbit
User information
Real name: Emily/Poppy
Age: old
Other names: Kernel, Lulu, KR, Krazy
Gender: this is a trick question, right? (she/her preferred)
Favorite characters:
Birthday March 26
User rights: Acme Head
Favorite wikis:

Wikis I have powers on

Me elsewhere

  • The Internet Animation Database - PopKorn Kat
  • Discord: ask (I need to know you for a while, I love talking to new people but won't give it to just anyone)
  • Steam: popkornkat (I don't accept strangers)

Favorite cartoons

Way too many to list.

Editing history


I started editing under IP addresses in May 2010, but I didn't create an account until June of that year. After August, I became dissatisfied with Wikia and stopped using the site. That is, until I returned here in April 2016. I continued to edit whenever I felt like it, adding many images and pages. In May 2017, I applied to become an Acme Head--and did I get the position!

The first edit I ever made on this wiki was to the First appearance page.

My edits on Wikia (and this wiki) mainly fall into the following categories:

  1. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization corrections. It's rather instinctual for me to correct poor writing whenever I encounter it. If you see me appear on your wiki's recent changes and disappear into the horizon afterward, this is most likely the reason.
  2. Adding information to articles. This can include writing synopses and adding images.
  3. Cleaning up articles. On this wiki, this includes adding infoboxes to articles which lack them.

I generally hang out on cartoon-related wikis, mainly those related to classic and 90s cartoons.

This user is very looney.

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This user is a fan of Tiny Toon Adventures.


This user is a fan of Animaniacs.


This user is a big fan of Pinky and The Brain.

This user is a fan of Taz-Mania.

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This user is a fan of The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries.

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

This user is a fan of Duck Dodgers.


This user is a fan of New Looney Tunes.

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This user is a big fan of Bugs Bunny.

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This user is a big fan of Daffy Duck.


This user thuffers from thuccotash >> Sylvester.


This user loves to tell jokes>>Foghorn Leghorn.

You have made this user very angry.


This user is a big fan of The Road Runner (accelerati incredibilus).


This user is a big fan of Wile E. Coyote, super genius.


This user is annoyed by bad ol' putty tats >> Tweety Bird.


This user is a big fan of Porky Pig.

Elmer Fuddtyjyj

This user is hunting wabbits >> Elmer Fudd.

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This user is a big fan of the Tasmanian Devil.

This user is the last of the Dodos.


This user is a fan of Hubie and Bertie.

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This user is a fan of Buster Bunny.


This user is a fan of Plucky Duck.


This user is a big fan of Furrball.

This user is incredibly wacky.


This user is a fan of Arthur Davis’s cartoons.

Arthur Davis

This user puts the "looney" in Looney Tunes.


This user is a fan of Chuck Jones' cartoons.

Charles Jones

This user is a fan of Frank Tashlin's cartoons.


This user is a fan of Friz Freleng's cartoons.


This user is a fan of Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising’s cartoons.

Harman & Ising

This user is a fan of Robert McKimson's cartoons.


This user is a fan of Tex Avery's cartoons.

Fred Avery portrait

I have:

If you need information or screenshots from a cartoon that's on one of these sets and you don't have it, don't be afraid to ask. However, please note that I will not provide rips or video files from any of them, for legal and technical reasons.

These are projects that I will be working on. However, they are not mine exclusively. I would like everybody who's bored and reading this page to do their part.

  • A lot of episode articles need to be created.
  • Episode articles need to be created
  • More images need to be uploaded
  • Add infoboxes to every episode article
  • Articles are very incomplete. They need plots, credits, infoboxes, screenshots.
  • Video games
  • Pages need to be created for each game, mainly the Game Boy Color ones
  • Gameplay videos for each game need to be uploaded
  • Comics:
  • A ton of information needs to be added
  • Timeline:
  • Finish adding every year

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