Daffy Did Shrunk


Bugs Magical Sparkles

ElmersCandidCamera 017-732855

Well,You know This Guy Is Crazy If He Likes Or Dislike Rabbits

The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

What Should I Do,Break Candles


Maybe It is Dead


Maybe Daffy Took The Treasure


Bunch Of Gangstas Battling Jordan


Well,Maybe A Man's Always A Man

Devil of a Job

Well He's So Weird

18wile road runner

Two Roadrunners And two Coyotes Equals 4 Characters

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My Faves
  • Does Daffy Snatch Porky's Head
  • Little Beeper Smelled Fifi's Butt However
  • Did He Trip Or Not
  • Oops,No Slant
  • Porky Is not In The Center
  • This Poster Is Awesome
  • Samer Than Batman,Stronger Than Superman
  • Double Daffy Duck
  • However He Froze In Place
  • TinyToon Adventure Rushup
  • Well As You Know, A Baby Cowboy Is A Younger Cowboy
  • Well,Porky Has A Hat
  • Beans Does Have A Girlfriend
  • This Was A Fake Title
  • The Background Seem Darker,However,Porky's Hat Was The Same In Old Glory
  • Now This Background Is Now Sepia
  • Ya shirt supposed to be Red
  • Wanted my money eh

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