Daffy and Siri is a transcript fanfic story made by me which is about Daffy Duck is having his conservation with Siri on his phone.


(Daffy is playing with his mobile phone)

Daffy Duck: Let's just see if I can have fun by talking to Siri on my phone. She knows everything. (turns on Siri) Okay, Siri, how are you today?

Siri: I'm happy to be alive

Daffy Duck: Of course you are. So tell me Siri-girl, who's your favorite Looney Tunes star?

Siri: Bugs Bunny

Daffy Duck: (angrily) What?! How dare you love with that no-good long-eared rodent, miss?!

Siri: I'm not sure what you mean, Daf-fye (pronounces "Daph-eye").

Daffy Duck: (gasps) What did you call me?

Siri: You're name is Daf-fye Duck.

Daffy Duck: Daf-fye Duck?! NO! I'm Daffy Duck!

Siri: Glad to meet you, Daf-fye Duck.

Daffy Duck: Sufferin' Succotash! You said my name wrong! I'm Daffy! D-A-F-F-Y!

Siri: Here's what I found on the web for "D-A-F-F-Y"

Daffy Duck: No, you idiot! I don't wanna research! I want you to say my name correctly! GOT IT?!

Siri: I don't know what that means :)


Siri: I'm not sure I understand.

Daffy Duck: GRRRRR!!!! (calms down) Let's try that again.

Siri: Sorry, Daf-fye, I can't do that. You're not listening to the Music app.

Daffy Duck: Why would I listen to music if you said name wrong?! (sighs) Say "Daffy Duck"

Siri: OK, here's contact information for "Daf-fye Duck"

Daffy Duck: (gets more angrier) THIS IS YOU'RE LAST WARNING, SIRI!

Siri: Who me?

Daffy Duck: Yeah you! Because I bought you last week ago, do you not remember?!

Siri: That's what I thought.

Daffy Duck: You just know that. Okay. What's species am I?

Siri: You're a Duck.

Daffy Duck: Correct! And now what's my name?

Siri: You're Daf-fye Duck.

(Daffy suddenly goes on his crazy angry mode and violently destroys his phone)

Daffy Duck: (panting) There! That oughta fix ya! Because you're are despicable! (then leaves; grumbles to himself) Geez, why would she call me Daf-fye?

Siri: (almost distorted) I am? (then the phone shuts off)

Author's note

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