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Have you ever noticed how boomerangs sceduale just repeats the same looney tunes every week. Its kinda repetive isnt it. So here is a sceduale that I wish that boomerang would do.

The first cartoon would be a bugs bunny cartoon

The second one would be a daffy duck cartoon

the third cartoon would be a porky pig cartoon

The fourth cartoon would be comprised of cartoons staring sylvester and tweety (both with and solo)

The fifth cartoon would rotate every week between foghorn leghorn, wile coyote and roadrunner, Speedy gonzalas and pepe le pew.

The sixth cartoon would be a elmer fudd cartoon (also there will be egghead cartoons in this slot)

The seventh cartoon is when things get interesting. On this slot, there would be several looney tunes that are not yet restored on dvd and are very hard to come by (cartoons that feature any of the afromentioned charactors will be included)

The eighth cartoon would feature some forgotton charactors (cool cat, witch hazel, the 3 bears etc.)  

The ninth cartoon would be comprized of one shots from the studio (the hole idea, Now hear this etc.) 

The tenth cartoon would mainly feature black and white shorts from bosko, buddy, merrie melodies and porky. 

The eleventh cartoon would mainly feature any color cartoon realesed before Daffy Duck and egghead (what I think is the first funny merrie melodie)

The twelvth cartoon would be about banned cartoons. The cartoons featured on this slot will maily feature cartoons featurign cultural depictions, domestic abuse (he was her man) and the censored 11. ( a disclaimer will be featured at the begining of this slot saying while the cartoons are considered offensive today for what they depict, they are going to be shown uncut because editing out the racist depictions—and therefore effectively saying the racist scenes were never there and that the racism of the era ever happened—is worse than actually showing them uncensored)

The thirthenth and final cartoon will mainly feature misulanious cartoons (some cartoons produced for the army, a segment of tiny toons, any bonds today, some sponey melodies etc.)

For your knowlage, all the cartoons in my dream sceduale will be shown in ntsc format. As stated in the the twelvth cartoon, all of them will be uncensored and uncut. The black and whites will be colorised (but computer colorised to preserve the original animation.) The cartoons will be shown with their opening bullseye, title and credits (or if a Blue Ribbon reissue, just the title) and the thats all folks title intact. There will be no fake widescream cropping, no forgian audio tracks, period. With this sceduale, it would please both the casual and hardcore looney tunes fans. Doing what boomerangs doing, you could split it up and have the first half on the daytime and the second half on the nighttime. So here is a sample sceduale useing my sceduale

Hot cross bunny

Daffys inn trouble

Porkys pet

Tweety and the beanstalk

Crockett doodle do

A feud there was

Aqua Duck

The bee devil bruin

Wild Wife

Boskos Knightmare

Country Mouse

China Jones

So much for so little

I hope you liked my sceduale, what do you think, is it good or should i impove it.