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    Short story

    November 10, 2018 by Orange Mo

    Title: Into the forest

    Premise: This short story is about a nuclear family consisting of Roger, his wife Daisy, his daughter Amy and his son Louis. They have a family dog, Ace. Other characters include Principal Adams, teacher Jones, teacher Harvey, bartender Ian, Roger's boss Mr. Tiny, neighbor Stanky, and more to be announced.

    Act 1

    Roger arrives home from work. He sits down on the sofa. His wife Daisy is cooking dinner.

    Roger: Let's turn on the good ol' television.

    He turns it on.

    Baseball announcer: And now, baseball with the Yorkers versus the Franks.

    Roger: Yes! Baseball is on.

    Roger's son Louis gets home.

    Louis: I'm home.

    Roger: Good, you wanna watch some baseball son?

    Louis: Sure.

    Eight innings later.

    Baseball announcer: Three people are on eac…

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  • Orange Mo

    Creating something new increases the imagination that we seek in new contributors and assimilates you more into the wiki community. When I came to Wikia in 2013, I had no idea about all these articles and how they were REALLY meant to be written.

    People really don't know what Wikia was really meant for. Yes, it was to build a community with other users about a subject you are all passionate about, but they don't see the big picture. Wikis are something ANYONE with an Internet connection can edit, and someone can revert all their work into something totally false. The new readers don't know the original content on the page was true, so this is why users use sources to back up their content. Nowadays, Wikia has transformed into a community wh…

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