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  • TheJasbre202

    Week Break

    July 22, 2019 by TheJasbre202

    So i've been having issues with another user that is blatently ridiculing me for wanting to keep Looney Tunes Cartoons clean and sourced and then saying stuff that is in a private facebook group when i choose to not reveal my facebook account to the public. Then goes to an admin saying something that was sort-of true yet he never sourced it and it was, a private facebook group.

    He even went into the discord that i created and did this and i'm just about done with it, i tried to go to an admin about it but they did nothing. He's apparently had warnings before but this time around he's basically being mean to me for wanting the page clean and i've had enough and i'm taking a week break.

    I hope he knows he's doing this to a teenager.

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  • TheJasbre202

    Hello folks! Jasbre here, (your favorite black duck) and i'm here to bring you some of my upcoming plans for this wiki.

    Over July and August, i'll be updating the title cards with new, higher resolution images for some of them, idk how many as of now, but i have a, huge stack of cartoons on my hard drive from me digitalizing my DVDs, Blu-Rays and some of my digital and laserdisc purchases. No, don't ask me to give you cartoons, I don't do that sort of thing, sorry.

    Anyway, just letting you all know :3 Also, I will be cropping out the black boxes on the title cards, just a very busy June so it'll be likely by the end of June when I do it.

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  • TheJasbre202

    A Discord Problem

    January 19, 2019 by TheJasbre202

    So i do see great activity on this wiki, but if you guys can please, verify your account on discord, like say who you are in the LT discord in the comments of this blog so i can give some of you roles, because a lot of you do not have roles and the discord isn't that active yet it's a great discord.

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  • TheJasbre202

    Looney Tunes Wiki Discord

    September 26, 2017 by TheJasbre202

    Hey, so i'm currently setting up a discord server for this wiki, I need to know your wiki username so I can give you the role you deserve in the server.


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  • TheJasbre202

    So as soon as I order a copy of "Porky Pig 101" from Warner, and as soon as I get it, i'll be posting a ton of remastered title card snapshots from the golden collection, to super stars, and then, other DVDs as well. Around 500 cartoons will have their title cards (and additional snaps) replaced with the best remasters!

    Stay tuned for any DVD update, i think all i'm missing is the **new** Sylvester Super Stars DVD, otherwise i have the other new ones.

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