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Vincent Van Fudd is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Elmer Fudd has taken up art, his lifelong dream ever since he was a baby. He needs to paint a landscape of his forest home so he can enter the prestigious Pretty Good Artist magazine. After choosing the inspiration and perfect spot to paint, he takes a seat on a tree stump, where Bugs Bunny has taken up residence and is baking a carrot cake. Elmer's bottom blocks out his sunlight and ruins the cake, so Bugs negotiates with the painter so he can see where he is going, but Elmer views him as a distraction and shoves him back down. Willing to return the favor, Bugs interrupts Elmer's painting session by painting his butt as an 8-ball and plays pool with it, sending Elmer jumping upwards towards a tree branch and a nest of eggs which are then broken, before landing splat on the forest floor. Seeing that Bugs means business, Elmer places a boulder onto his stump to avoid any interference and proceeds to paint a picture of a tree, with Bugs in lipstick sitting on its branch. Just as Elmer begins to fume, Bugs alerts him that Mr. Judgy McTopcritic is coming to review his art and advises him to prepare.

McTopcritic arrives and reviews the art positively, commenting on its composition, subtext, temperature, juxtaposition, and taste before revealing himself to be Bugs when he immediately pans it, and thus the chase begins. Fudd gets stuck in his own painting between two trees, so Bugs decides to play with his face by painting it in the various styles of cosmetics, Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Piet Mondrian, Edvard Munch, and his own image, adding the final insult by placing a carrot in his mouth. A now enraged Elmer destroys the canvas, wipes off the paint, and chases Bugs once again, attempting to stab him with a palette knife which seems to injure Bugs, as he is pleading for death. Elmer runs to the aid of the rabbit, who has used paint to mask his faux trauma, and expresses his regret before Bugs gets him to pull a rope attached to an anvil, crushing him. Bugs ballets to "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" before the livid Fudd chases them both off a cliff when he catches him, whereupon both of them begin to fall. However, Bugs has obviously drank his Hare Tonic as manages to get to the ground without trying, grabs a canvas which he kicks to the floor, causing Elmer to land splat onto it and turn into a painting that Bugs takes ownership of and showcases to more than impressed journalists.

After that, he achieves worldwide fame in the Pretty Good Artist magazine, but lets Elmer take the credit as he was the painting.