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Vitaphone being used in the opening WB logo.


Vitaphone was a sound recording system used on Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts. From 1931 until 1939, the opening Warner Bros logo mentioned Vitaphone. From 1939 until the mid-1960s, this was replaced with "WARNER BROS." and later "WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC." Vitaphone also appeared on the bottom of every cartoon as a copyright notice from 1936-1960 (some Blue Ribbon reissues from the 1963-64 season originally released in 1957 also have the Vitaphone copyright disclaimer, although some reissues before that had WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC.). After 1960 they changed it to WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC. on the bottom. Later that year, VITAPHONE or VITAGRAPH (Merrie Melodies or Looney Tunes, respectively) was added onto the ending titles as a disclaimer from 1960-1969. VITAPHONE and VITAGRAPH were flipped during the last year of production, the 1968-69 season.


The opening only used in I Wanna Play House.

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