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Von Vultur is the main villain of "Daffy - The Commando".


Von Vultur was a German commander serving during World War II. As his name implies, he was a vulture, resplendent with a large monocle. After numerous Allied commandos kept getting into Germany, he was threatened by the Gestinko Gestapo that his career would be over if one more got through. Much to the misfortune of Von Vultur and his trusty assistant Schultz, that "one more commando" turned out to be Daffy Duck, whose insane antics were far more than the two Germans could handle. After being shot down in his plane by anti-aircraft guns, Daffy hid inside of a tunnel, but it turned out to be a high-powered cannon. Von Vultur fired the gun, unintentionally sending Daffy rocketing through the skies directly into Germany, where he interrupted one of Hitler's speeches and hit him on the head.


  • Von Vultur's uniform and insignia corresponds to nothing in the Wehrmacht, being extremely simplistic and actually resembling a World War I officer's uniform more than anything.
  • His rank is never stated, in the telegram he receives from the "Gestinko-Gestapo" it says "UberKomt," presumably an abbreviation of the fictional title "über-kommandant."
  • Although his name is frequently spelled "von Vulture" by fans, the same telegram giving his rank reveals it lacks an "E" at the end.