Walter Bunny
Background information
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Members Only
(May 10, 2011)
Created by:
Portrayed by: John O'Hurley

Walter Bunny is a character in The Looney Tunes Show. He is the husband of Patricia Bunny, the father of Lola Bunny, and is quite fond of her boyfriend, Bugs. He is voiced by John O'Hurley.


Walter debuted in Members Only, along with his wife Patricia Bunny and attended Lola's wedding.

Lola mentioned Walter and Patricia in The Shelf.

In You've Got Hate Mail, Walter invites Bugs to be in his family photo, unaware that he has a giant chip in his tooth and Lola doesn’t want him to be in it.

Walter then returns in Rebel Without a Glove. Here, Bugs goes through a personality change when he gets motorcycle gloves, which causes him to become a gangster. Walter disapproves of this, and forbids Lola to go out with Bugs. After Bugs gets back to normal, he allows Lola to go out with Bugs again.

In Father Figures, Walter enters a father-son tennis tournament with Bugs. But, first, he and Bugs must have some "special bonding."

Walter and Patricia made a cameo in A Christmas Carol.

Walter appears in The Black Widow, when he begs Bugs for help to find Patricia’s “stolen” diamond bracelet.

He sings a Merrie Melodies called "Wonderful Bugs" in The Shell Game.

Walter returns in a cameo on the CEC film still voiced by John O'Hurley.


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