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Warner Media, LLC, NYSE: TWX, (formerly Time Warner Inc. and AOL Time Warner; doing business as WarnerMedia) is an American corporation headquartered in New York City. Today, WarnerMedia is the third largest conglomerate in terms of revenue behind Comcast and Disney respectively. WarnerMedia is owned by AT&T. WarnerMedia is the current copyright and distribution rights owner of all Looney Tunes-related media.


Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros.' businesses range from feature film and TV to home entertainment production and worldwide distribution to home video, digital distribution, animation, comic books, licensing and international cinemas and broadcasting. In 2012, the Warner Bros. Pictures Group grossed 4.3 billion dollars at the worldwide box office.[1] Home Video is the industry leader with a 21% market share in total DVD and Blu-ray sales.

The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group works across platforms and outlets in the digital realm with video-on-demand, branded channels, original content, anti-piracy technology and broadband & wireless destinations. Each year Warner Bros. Pictures produces between 18 and 22 films. Warner Bros. has produced more than 50 television series in the 2012–2013 television season. Warner Bros. has also incorporated DC Comics content into Warner Bros. Entertainment via the creation of the DC Entertainment division, which was founded in 2009. DC Entertainment, which is wholly owned by the Company, is responsible for bringing the stories and characters from the DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine publishing portfolios into other Warner Bros. content and distribution businesses, including feature films, television programming, video games, direct-to-consumer platforms and consumer products. The DC Comics imprint, home to such iconic characters as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern, has launched digital versions of its top comic book and graphic novel titles, making them available for download on digital platforms.

On March 4, 2019, WarnerMedia announced a new Global Kids & Young Adults unit for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim (Cartoon Network's night block), Boomerang (all three from the soon-to-be defunct Turner Broadcasting System) plus received oversited of Turner Classic Movies and Other Media, all of which will be under the Warner Bros. brand in the future.

WarnerMedia Entertainment

The division is responsible for HBO and the entertainment operations of the the soon-to-be defunct Home Box Office Inc. and Turner Broadcasting System, including HBO, TBS, TNT and TruTV. The division also contains WarnerMedia's direct-to-consumer operations, including the yet-to-be-named streaming service the company is planning to launch later this year. Bob Greenblatt heads the division as chairman.[2][3]

WarnerMedia News & Sports

The division is responsible for CNN, Turner Sports, Bleacher Report, and AT&T Regional Sports Network.[2]

Former Subsidaries

The company owns Turner Broadcasting System. On March 4, 2019, the company announced Turner would go defunct in the future. It's assets include CNN, TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies, the pre-1950 Warner Bros. media, the pre-1986 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library, and more. It will exist in-name only and it's former assets will be distributed across WarnerMedia's new subsidiaries. Home Box Office Inc. (HBO) is another company owned by WarnerMedia that will go defunct in the future. The channel HBO will also be under WarnerMedia Entertainment management once the company dissolves.

The company used to also have telecommunications assets through Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) and AOL, but in 2009 they were spun off from WarnerMedia into independent companies. Time Inc. was sold in 2014 and went defunct in 2018.

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AT&T Purchase

In 2016, AT&T proposed to purchase Time Warner and its assets for $85 billion as well as assuming the company's debt.[4][5][6] AT&T received approval from the United States Federal government to purchase Time Warner on June 12, 2018 and purchased them on June 14, 2018. As such, the company was renamed WarnerMedia. With the acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T is planning to launch "AT&T Watch TV", an SVOD that hosts Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment content to stream. Users who have unlimited cellular data internet plans from AT&T will get the SVOD for free, while everyone else who wants it will have to pay $15 monthly. The SVOD service is available to anyone, even users who are not customers with AT&T. It is unknown when it will launch.[7][8]


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