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Logo (1990s)

Warrner Bros. Family Entertainment was the family film label of Warner Bros., established in 1992. It was best known for producing Looney Tunes films and shorts and numerous family films and television series in either live-action or animation (especially animated television programs produced by Steven Spielberg).  

The logo is notable to have a modern-design Bugs Bunny in a suit and a bowtie, munching on a carrot and leaning on the Warner Bros. shield with one hand, with a sky blue background. This logo was also used for cartoons shows coming from Warner Bros. Animation.  

From 1993 till the late-1990s this logo is seen at the beginning of various Looney Tunes VHS releases released by Warner Home Video, right after the Warner Home Video logo but before the classic cartoons.  

In 2008, it was closed and rebranded as Warner Bros. Animation, with a similar Bugs Bunny pose, albeit using an early-1940s style Bugs, again eating a carrot but this time without the suit and a bowtie, leaning on the shield with his back, with a red background.  

Logo Design Evolution

  • First logo (1992-1994): The original version of this logo has a short animated opening of Bugs Bunny spinning the "Family Entertainment" banner around the small bannerless Warner Bros. shield.
  • Second logo (1994-2000): In this more common version of the 1990s logo, the WB shield is now bigger in size than Bugs and the "A Time Warner Entertainment Company" byline at the bottom, and the "Family Entertainment" banner is already present on the WB shield. Variants of this logo with a darker hue in the sky are used in family films produced between 1999-2000 such as The King and I (1999).
  • Third logo (1998): For the 75th anniversary version of the logo, the blue sky has darkened in hue, both the WB shield and Bugs are rendered smaller and are positioned upwards on the screen, while the "75 Years - Entertaining The World" byline dominates the entire screen. The byline "A Time Warner Entertainment Company" is seen below the "75 Years - Entertaining The World" byline, albeit much smaller.
  • Fourth logo (2001-2008): For the final version of the logo, the layout and design is similar to that of the second logo, except that the blue sky is brightened slightly (but still in a darker hue than the original early-1990s logos) and Bugs is now colored with brighter color hues (presumably due to the character being animated using digital ink and paint as opposed to traditional cel animation in this logo). From 2001-2003 when Time Warner merged with AOL for a brief period, the byline used is "An AOL Time Warner Company". After AOL is dismissed from Warner Bros. in 2003, the byline is removed from the logo, only for it to be restored one last time from 2007-2008, this time as "A Time Warner Company".

Logo Jingles

  • A re-orchestrated version of the Merrie Melodies closing theme music is used for the full theatrical version of the logo, which is heard in Warner Bros. Family Entertainment's family films of 1993-2000. It is also used on its direct-to-video films, as well as the Authentic and Original Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Cartoons VHS series in 1993 and the later Looney Tunes laserdisc sets released in 1994.
  • In the short version of the logo, the music is the last few notes at the end of the Animaniacs theme song. This version is used on all of Warner Bros. Animation's cartoon shows until its defunct in 2008.
  • A different, shortened version of the Merrie Melodies fanfare is heard over the exact same short version of the logo as seen on Warner Bros. Animation's cartoon shows. This variant is found on Looney Tunes VHS releases from 1996-1999 from Warner Home Video, as well as the opening of Kids' WB!'s Bugs 'n' Daffy. A similar but slightly different re-orchestrated fanfare would later resurface on the 2008 "Warner Bros. Animation Presents" opening logo after Warner Bros. Family Entertainment closed.

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