Background information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: Weathering Heights
Created by:
Portrayed by: Kaley Cuoco

Weathervane (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) is a character on Loonatics Unleashed.


Weathervane is a young woman with the power to control storms. Her real name is Paula Hayes.


Paula worked as an intern for Misty Breeze at the Acmetropolis news station. She dreamed of becoming the city-planet's weather girl, but her young age prevented her from being able to do any more than get coffee for Misty. She seemed to have some amount of control over the weather at this point, since she was able to conjure a miniature raincloud over Misty's head, as well as draw storm clouds near the area the weather report was going to be. With Misty unable to go on air, Paula took over for the broadcast, but was struck by a bolt of lightning. The lightning greatly increased her weather abilities and changed her appearance, turning her skin blue and her hair and eyes purple. Fed up with Misty's nasty treatment, Paula, now Weathervane, went on an angry rampage that caused extreme weather all over Acmetropolis. She was eventually stopped thanks to the combined efforts of the Loonatics.

Weathervane made a second appearance alongside several other villains in the episode Acmegeddon Part I, in which she worked with Optimatus in his plans to destroy the Loonatics.

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