Welcome to the Jungle
[[File:Pinky Brain|280px]]
Series: Pinky and the Brain
Season: 2
Episode No. 19
Directed By: {{{directed by}}}
Written By: Unknown
Released: November 16th, 1996
Previous: Brain's Song
Next: A Little Off The Top

Welcome to the Jungle is an episode of Pinky and the Brain, originally broadcasted on November 16th, 1996.


Pinky and Brain are mistaken for monkeys by misguided animal rights activists and released into the jungle. The duo try to make it back home, but they encounter The Brain's nemesis, Snowball, who is out for revenge.



Snowball: You were always so darn dramatic!

Pinky: Two words, Brain: "Hakuna Matata".

Brain: Pinky, display your savvy.

Pinky: My hero!

Brain: Stop it, Pinky, or I'll put you right back in.

Pinky: Uh, there's a big pile of dung under the tree.

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