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Wet Cement is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Porky Pig has recently been hired as a cement mason and is smoothing out some recently-laid cement. Just as he is finished and about to pack up for the day, who should happen to come across the cement but Daffy Duck. At first, he decides to step in it a few times just for fun to perplex and irritate Porky who smooths it out once more. He then proceeds to damage the cement by using a pair of stilts, a giant boot, a unicycle, an Eskimo jacket with added snowshoes, a pack of dogs, a Shetland pony drawn chariot, a motorcycle, and an army tank to enrage the pig. Now in a meaty rage, Porky then smooths out the cement once more and builds a brick wall to defend it.

However, Daffy uses an umbrella to land in the cement and romp around in it, so Porky deconstructs the brick wall only to discover that the duck is missing, much to his chagrin. As Porky ponders over this prospect, Daffy then proceeds to form various wet statues with the cement, such as a Lady Venus, Discobolus, The Statue of Liberty, and a parody of the Disneyland statue with Daffy's creator Tex Avery. Having had enough of the duck's antics, Porky decides to hide in a sack to fool Daffy into thinking nobody is around and successfully captures him, only for the duck to entice Porky to ballroom dance with him against his will and dump him in the cement to ruin it once again. Now at the end of his tether, Porky brawls with Daffy, dumps him in the cement and covers him with even more of it before blow-drying the site to ensure his victory. When Porky leaves the area, Daffy humorously laments his predicament.




  • HBO Max packaged this as episode 106b, along with the short "Buzzard School" and the interstitial "Marvin Flag".
  • Cartoon Network Asia censored the scene where Porky kisses Daffy
  • This is the first short to be staged in a single static shot. The next is "Shower Shuffle".