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{{Infobox Shorts
{{Infobox Shorts
|name = Wild Over You
|name = Wild over You
|image = Wild_Over_You.png
|image = Wild_Over_You.png
|Director = [[Chuck Jones|Charles M. Jones]]
|Director = [[Chuck Jones|Charles M. Jones]]
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|video =
|video =
'''Wild Over You''' is a [[1953]] ''[[Looney Tunes]]'' short directed by [[Chuck Jones]].
'''Wild over You''' is a [[1953]] ''[[Looney Tunes]]'' short directed by [[Chuck Jones]].
== Plot ==
== Plot ==

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Wild over You
Wild Over You
Directed By: Charles M. Jones
Produced By: Eddie Selzer
Released: July 11, 1953
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Michael Maltese
Animation: Ben Washam
Lloyd Vaughan
Richard Thompson
Abe Levitow
Ken Harris
Layouts: Maurice Noble
Backgrounds: Philip DeGuard
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
Music: Carl Stalling
Starring: Pepé Le Pew
Preceded By: Tom Tom Tomcat
Succeeded By: Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century

Wild over You is a 1953 Looney Tunes short directed by Chuck Jones.


A wildcat escapes from the zoo and disguises herself as a skunk to ward off her captors. That doesn't go too well for her as she has attracted the attention of the love-struck Pepé Le Pew. However, unlike the other cats who simply squash and stretch their way out of Pepe's amorous grasp, the wildcat tears him up...which does nothing to deter him, as he only enjoys the maulings.


  • This is the first Pepe Le Pew cartoon to have Maurice Noble credited for layouts.
  • This is the first animation by Abe Levitow to be credited.
  • This is the second of the only two cartoons were Pepe isn't in love with Penelope. the other one being Scent-imental over you (Unless one counts Odor-able Kitty which features Pepe's Prototype Henry Skunk)
  • This short plays in PAL audio when shown on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.



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