Willy Wombat's Last Stand
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 61b
Directed By: {{{directed by}}}
Written By: Sindy McKay
Art Vitello
Released: November 13, 1993
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Willy Wombat's Last Stand is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Keith Baxter. It first aired November 13, 1993.


Willie Wombat uses the cartoon's opening as an excuse to get off the phone with his mother. He walks outside and sees all of the animals stampeding past, so he stops a groundhog and asks "Why so harried, Harry?" The groundhog tells him that his name is really Gary, and to run because the Tasmanian Devil is on the loose. Taz arrives and grunts in his face; Willie responds by making the same sounds, but then apologizes. He shows Taz that the script said to do it, like Bugs Bunny would, but Willie doesn't want to act like Bugs Bunny anymore. He asks Taz if he's getting tired of what he does, but Taz says "No."

Willie hopes that he'll be able to star in a new kinder, gentler series. He takes big-shot Taz to the Warner Bros. office to pitch his show idea, but the woman at the front desk ignores him and fawns over Taz.

When the boss is finally ready to see Taz, Willie goes with him. Things don't go so well when the Boss has an emergency to attend to and ignores the wombat. It's nearly twelve and Willie is finally able to see the boss, but is interrupted by another writer that speeds through. A man comes out and tells Willie that there are some color problems with a boulder. This irritates Willie. As Willie is explaining his idea to a man who is bored out of his mind, he is amazed to see a group of people crowding over Taz. These people are asking Taz to spit. Willie tries to get their attention but they only scoff at him.

Willie sees that his opportunity to see the boss is at hand, but Buddy Boar butts in front of him. He goes into the bathroom to practice his pitch and gets angry in the mirror. Ironically some guy from the studio was in the bathroom and he heard everything that Willie said and tells him "Go get em tiger".

As Buddy Boar is leaving, Willie tries to push his way in, but the secretary tells him that the boss is ready to see them, but he wants to see Taz first. An irate Willie barges in and angrily demands a cartoon of his own. The boss tells him that he was planning on putting Willie in a kinder, gentler cartoon, but since Willie has so much anger he's not right for the job. Willie returns to the stampeding animal scene and repeats another of Bugs' lines, "Eh, it's a living."


  • Willie's name is spelled "Willy" on this episode's title card.
  • There is a picture of Molly's Cat on the secretary's desk.

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