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Winter Blunderland is the seventh Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote CGI segment from The Looney Tunes Show. It aired on the episode "Eligible Bachelors", on July 5, 2011.


It is a very hot day in the desert, in fact, so hot that the cacti are drooping, that Wile E. Coyote grows exhausted with heat during his latest chase with the Road Runner. Retreating to the top of the mountain where his cave is, Wile E. browses through his laptop for devices that might help him catch the Road Runner, until he spots one that catches his attention and orders it. His order, an ACME Insta-Winter blower, then falls down in a crate.

With the blower strapped to his back, Wile E. then covers the entire desert in snow, but he ends up using it all up, so an uncovered patch on the ground remains. He just sweeps some snow onto the patch with his foot.

As Wile E. dresses up in skating garb with ice skates on his feet, the Road Runner then zooms up to beep at him and dashes off, and Wile E. then starts chasing the bird, doing curves all the while. Their chase goes on until the Road Runner approaches a cliff and makes a turn to avoid it, but when Wile E. tries to do a curve to turn, he ends up going off the cliff and is overtaken by gravity.

Getting back up to the surface, Wile E. then chases his prey again until the Road Runner spins in circles around Wile E., causing the latter to spin as well. By the time Wile E. stops spinning and prepares his utensils, he is dizzy and experiencing vertigo, so he sees five Road Runners. Uncertain about which bird is which, Wile E. slides past the Road Runner while swishing his utensils in the air and ends up falling off another cliff.

Wile E. then gets back up to the surface again and prepares for one more attempt to catch the Road Runner. Seeing the bird dash by, he then chases him throughout the snow-filled desert, passing through a huge snow-covered loop-de-loop rock formation and some low hills. Unfortunately, the uncovered patch on the ground from earlier is in his path, and when one of Wile E.'s skates comes in contact with it, he is sent flying into a cliff wall and falls off. The force of his impact causes a huge mound of snow to fall on him as he attempts to flee, and it splits to reveal the coyote reduced to ice cubes (sans the blades on his skates), who then falls apart.