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You're an Education is a 1938 Merrie Melodies short directed by Frank Tashlin.


The brochures in a travel agency spring to life.





  • This was Frank Tashlin's last short with Warner Bros. for five years; he left the studio to become a gag writer with Disney, then moved to Screen Gems to direct. He would return in 1942.
  • According to the book Frank Tashlin by Roger Garcia, "several shots (including a caricature of Hugh Herbert) totaling 67 feet (approx. 45 seconds) were removed for this film's 'Blue Ribbon Special' reissue in 1946." The bulk of these cuts appear to take place primarily towards the beginning of the short, specifically during the montage sequence featuring brochures of various world destinations accompanied by a song germane to that place. Some of the brochures are bridged with dissolves, others with fade-outs. Some of the fade-outs, however, appear to allude to obvious edits. Later in the short, another apparent edit occurs. This takes place during the "Yuba Plays the Tuba" sequence in which a shot of a Native American fish (representing the "Indian" Ocean) abruptly fades to black and quickly fades into Lawrence Tibbett in Tibet.[citation needed] (May 2018)
  • This is the third and final entry in Tashlin's Books-Come-to-Life trilogy released in 1937-1938.
  • This was the first short to use the newer Merrie Melodies outro until April 1941.
  • This did air on an episode of ToonHeads called "Midnight at the Bookstore", centered on cartoons where things come to life in a bookstore. However, in reruns, it was replaced with a redrawn colorized version of "I Like Mountain Music".