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Yuletide Taz is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons interstitial.


Attempt 1

Taz has left his native home of Tasmania to go caroling from door to door. He starts to sing, but a meow comes out instead, so he digs inside his own mouth to discover a cat he ate earlier had gotten a hold of his tongue. The door then shuts in his face.

Attempt 2

Taz sings a variation of the hymn "Angels we Have Heard on High", but a police car constantly interrupts, so he goes crazy and thrashes the car before hurling it away. The door then shuts in his face just as he is about to sing once more.

Attempt 3

Taz has found a particular interest in pressing the doorbell. The tenant of the house requests him to stop, but he roars in his usually defiant fashion. Having made his point, he continues to press the doorbell.

Attempt 4

Later, Taz sings a rendition of "Jingle Bells", but he decides that the handbell he is using is too flimsy, so he spins off to the local churchyard to steal its bell so he can give the song more of an impact. The door then shuts in his face.

Attempt 5

Taz discovers that a trio of carolers have taken his place and are singing "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear". In a frenetic tornado of rage, he disposes of them. The tenant of the house locks the door in fear. However, Taz opens the mail slot and states that he knows that they're still in the house, so the tenant nails it shut.

Attempt 6

By now, Taz is in a foul mood as he hasn't managed to successfully sing to anyone he has encountered. He proceeds to freshen up with breath spray and uses a tuning pipe to get into pitch before singing a heartwarming rendition of "Silent Night", but the owner of the house is revealed to be Granny, who has not heard a single note, leaving Taz confused.